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Exceptional People. Extraordinary Results.

Investment Opportunities

If you are a high net-worth investor looking to invest in real estate development projects, Vita Real Estate Group has many opportunities for you with exceptional returns. 

Here at Vita Real Estate Group, we have a proven track record of above-average returns, responsive, insightful and comprehensive investor services. For over 5 years, we have identified unique residential development opportunities and brought them to our clients, who would not have been able to access such opportunities otherwise.

As a full-size real estate development firm in Houston TX, we manage the development process from acquiring the land with our brokerage company, getting permits with our project management team, building homes with our construction company, leasing or selling them with our brokerage company...

Investing in the right real estate development opportunity means bringing healthy diversification to your portfolio. We work hard to limit risk exposure and maximize value.

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